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The Importance Of SEO To Every Businesses

Choosing The Marketing Method

You have your website or product ready, now you need to get that traffic. Do you go for pay-per-click (PPC) or search engine optimization (SEO)? It’s a tough choice! Don’t worry though, here are some tips on how to decide what marketing method is the best for your business.

First of all, you need to know the pros and cons of both PPC and SEO.

With PPC it is easy to track results with exact numbers. Your ads are right there in front of your audience so they see them very clearly which can make it easier for consumers to buy from you directly. With this, however, comes higher costs because every click counts towards your overall budget. Also if people are not searching then your ads won’t show.

SEO is a great way to get traffic from multiple sources. People will be searching for what you have to offer and when they find you, you get the chance to convince them that your product or service is necessary for their lives. You don’t pay per click so SEO can get pretty pricey since it could take a long time before people actually buy from you – this means more money out of pocket. Then again, it might not even work at all which means no conversions and money down the drain.



Is PPC Better Than SEO

Many people love the combination of SEO and PPC marketing.

You will find a lot of businesses that can’t live with only one or the other, they have to use both. That’s because they leverage the benefits of two different types of marketing.

That being said, there are some great reasons why it is better for a business to use PPC marketing instead of SEO.

First of all, you don’t have to wait around for your site to get ranked on Google or other search engines so that visitors know about it. If you own an online store, wouldn’t you rather start selling right away? Of course, you would! With PPC ads, this is possible for your business without having to do any legwork to get there.

Another benefit to PPC marketing is that you are able to track your results in real-time, whether it be how many clicks an ad gets or the number of calls made to a business from these ads. You can easily determine if your ad campaign is working or not right away and take action before wasting any more time on it. The reporting tools that come along with this type of advertising allow you to see how much money has been spent already and what revenue has resulted, so it’s easy to measure which campaigns aren’t performing well and cut them out quickly.

The Advantage Of Using Both PPC And SEO

One of the most common conversations that I have with clients is about why they should do both SEO and PPC advertising. Some people will start one, see results, and then stop because they haven’t built a steady flow yet. Others will never do either, which means they are losing out on tons of qualified traffic as well as money from their competitors who are taking advantage of it.

The biggest reason why you should be doing both is pretty simple: you can use PPC to drive traffic faster while working on your SEO to kick in to rank for keywords organically. Then once that happens, you can cancel your PPC campaign and get the same amount of traffic without paying for it.

To give you an example of this in action, let’s just take a look at my own personal website.

When I was new to blogging I started with PPC traffic because it’s immediate. There was no wait time for the algorithms to kick in on Google or Bing so if I wanted to get people viewing my blog posts, I could do that immediately.

Once the results started rolling in and my traffic increased, I knew it was time to start building up some organic SEO power behind my website. So while doing more research on blogging and how-to articles about personal finance (my niche), I would write very long, detailed blog posts that were packed with keywords that related to what topics would be popular among readers like you!